UnsCryptid is a weekly show hosted by Wayne Totherow. Here, we discuss the world of cryptid creatures, as well as the paranormal, with a big emphasis on Sasquatch. We will interview eyewitnesses and field researchers, as well as share listener-submitted, firsthand encounters with these creatures.

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June 23, 2022

EP 16 - Sasquatch and Horses

In this episode, we analyze the relationship between Sasquatch and horses. There are a lot of interesting stories about Sasquatch that also pertain to horses. We talk about a few of them, and about some personal experiences w...

June 09, 2022

EP 15 - Twenty Minutes Alone With A Dead Bigfoot Body - The Musky Allen Interview

In this episode, we are offering up the possibly forgotten interview of Musky Allen, given to the Facebook Finding crew, after seeing a bigfoot body in Las Vagas, upon the invitation of Rick Dyer. This may sound controversia...

June 02, 2022

EP 14 - Sasquatch Snake Majic and Selling a Bigfoot Body

In this episode we talk about some of Duffy's early summer research, including a very strange experience with a seemingly dead snake that came back to life, and it was all captured on video. We also talk about cases of Bigfoo...

May 26, 2022

EP 13 - The Whistle Man at the Window and The Sasquatch Watchers

In this episode, Casey comes on to share her lifelong experiences with the sasquatch. Things were happening around her home since she was a child, with her father being convinced that someone was stalking the property at nig...

May 19, 2022

EP 12 - Odd Animal Attack Deaths

In this episode, Wayne and Duffy talk about some strange deaths due to animal attacks in which the culprit animal was never found and was most likely misidentified. There are striking correlations within the small number of ...

May 12, 2022

EP 11 - The Wampus Cat was Petting My Dog!

For this episode, Sonya comes on the show to tell us about her Wampus Cat sightings. This is a seldom heard about creature that she got a very long, very clear look at, as it sat on the ground, at night, watching her and a f...

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Wayne is the Founder and CEO of Mannimal Research. He has been conducting field expeditions with the Mannimal investigation team, looking into the subject of Sasquatch since 2019. He is the host of a live broadcast on YouTube from his channel, Mannimal Research.