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UnsCryptid is a weekly show hosted by Wayne Totherow, and Jameson Duffy. Here, we discuss the world of cryptid creatures, as well as the paranormal, with a big emphasis on Sasquatch. We will interview eyewitnesses and field researchers, as well as share listener-submitted, firsthand encounters with these creatures.

About the Hosts

Wayne Totherow Profile Photo

Wayne Totherow


Wayne is the Founder and CEO of Mannimal Research. He has been conducting field expeditions with the Mannimal investigation team, looking into the subject of Sasquatch since 2019. He is the host of a live broadcast on YouTube from his channel, Mannimal Research.

Jameson Duffy Profile Photo

Jameson Duffy


Jameson is the creative Director for the UnsCryptid podcast. He’s been researching the phenomenon of Sasquatch, online, since 2009 and has been going into the woods and making field research videos since 2017. His research can be found on the MrDuffy81channel on YouTube.

Jordan Totherow Profile Photo

Jordan Totherow

Director of Graphic Design

Jordan is the Director of Graphic Design for the UnsCryptid Podcast. Along with designing the art for the show, she has been a huge technical asset. The social networking for UnsCryptid would not be possible without the technical support she offers. There’s little that she can’t do, and the most impressive part is she is self taught.