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May 5, 2022

EP 10 - I Saw Something…

EP 10 - I Saw Something…

In this episode, Duffy talks about a sighting that he recently had, at night, outside of the home.  We also touch on a giant wolf-looking entity that was seen in the area.  We go on to talk about Sasquatch footprint evidence, and different ways to find it and acquire it for yourself.  Below are links to the corresponding videos from Duffy's YouTube channel, mentioned in the discussion.

This Is What I Saw Last Night - YouTube

Possible Juvenile Sasquatch Print - Sighting Followup Investigation - YouTube

Did the Juvenile Sasquatch That I Saw Leave Me a Mouse as a Gift?? 🐁 - YouTube

Bigfoot tracks in Mud - Colorado - July, 2020 - YouTube

Skookum 2020 - Bigfoot body imprints in mud - YouTube

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