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June 2, 2022

EP 14 - Sasquatch Snake Majic and Selling a Bigfoot Body

EP 14 - Sasquatch Snake Majic and Selling a Bigfoot Body

In this episode we talk about some of Duffy's early summer research, including a very strange experience with a seemingly dead snake that came back to life, and it was all captured on video. We also talk about cases of Bigfoot bodies, how easy they actually are to cover up, and where one may have ended up, with a little help from the government.

If you have had a sighting, or just want to contact us about something, go to the website:  UnsCryptid (unscryptidpodcast.com)

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Dead Snake Find video:  Stick Glyph Next to Dead Bull Snake - YouTube

Duffy returns to find the snake alive after seeing the stick hit the river:  Dead Snake Comes Alive!? - YouTube

Camper Video:  The #2 Camper and Bigfoot Tent Video clips w/ Full Sound plus the necessary backstory - YouTube

Musky Allen Interview:  Musky Allen Bigfoot Interview after Inspecting a Sasquatch body February 2013 - YouTube

Rick Dyer Backstory about the Shooting Bigfoot Incident in San Antonio:  Rick Dyer Shares Backstory of Events on Sept 6th, the killing & events following (edited) - YouTube

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